OneEasy Information

My store has a cash register. Why should I change to OneEZ?

  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Suitable for start-ups as the system comprises minimal hardware that includes docket printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer pole display
  • Instant tracking of sales made & how much is left in your cash drawer
  • Real time detailed inventory reports enable you to manage stocks better
  • Less theft as employees are aware that all stocks are monitored
  • More features than the standard cash register, but costs just a little bit more
  • Assist you in serving your customers speedily
  • Find out prices of all items in your store
  • Save time, so that you can spend more time on more important matters
  • Ability to meet your growing business' needs

Key Features of OneEZ

OneEZ has 80% of TouchPOS features and it only costs one-third of the TouchPOS price. It is likened to a Lite Version of TouchPOS, and when your business is ready to expand, OneEZ can be upgraded to complete version.

Here are some of the common features:

Stock Maintenance:

Fast Selection Screen:

Barcode Scanning:

User Access Control:

Change of Item:

Stock Adjustment:

Cash Count:


  • Customer Receipt
    (can include tax, discount, payment type etc)
  • Daily Collection
  • Close Counter Report
  • Daily Summary
  • Payment Sales By Hour
  • Order Sales By Hour
  • Daily Detail Report
  • Sales By Hour Report
  • Refund Report
  • Sales Report By Category
  • Top Sales Qty Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis
  • Top Sales Analysis Summary
  • Daily Sales Document - Sales Person
  • Daily Sales Item Sales Person
  • Receipt Refund Report
  • Audit Trail Track
  • Time Attendance
  • Credit List Control